What is Reformer Pilates?

Refomer Pilates is Pilates with extra oomf – the ultimate mind and body connection.

Reformer pilates caters to any ability and age. Perfect for complete beginners with limited mobility and fitness right up to advanced athletes and everybody in between. Pilates is often recommended by physiotherapists as a way of recovering from injuries or helping with muscular aches, pains & imbalances.

Using the pilates reformer adds a whole new level of strength training to Pilates. By targeting both large and smaller supporting muscle groups, Reformer Pilates tones you up like no other. Expect sculpted arms and legs, a super strong core and a pert butt.

A wide variety of exercises are done on the reformer to promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance. Most Pilates reformer exercises have to do with pushing or pulling the carriage or holding the carriage steady during an exercise as it is pulled on by the springs.

The reformer is famous for its versatility. Exercises can be done lying down, seated, kneeling, standing, pushing the footbar, perched on the footbar, perched on the shoulder blocks, pulling the straps also with additional equipment, upside down, sideways, and all kinds of variations. In other words, the reformer can train many parts and dynamics of the body in many different ways with just one relatively sleek piece of equipment, which cannot be achieved with any other form of exercise.

The reformer offers all the benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These things, in turn, lead to daily life improvements like better posture, graceful and efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical and muscular imbalances.

Woman using Reformer PIlates machine
People taking part in a Pilates session

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m not flexible can I still do Pilates?

A: Of course, you don’t need to be flexible prior to starting Pilates. You will definitely see increased flexibility from attending Pilates sessions

Q: I’m not very fit can I still do Pilates?

A: Yes! Pilates is perfect for any level of fitness, offering a low impact approach. Our beginner classes will help you improve your fitness.

Q: How often should I do Pilates?

A: Start off with 1 – 2 sessions per week. Once fitness and ability is increased, so can the number of sessions. The more sessions you do, the quicker you will see results. For maximum results, 3 – 4 sessions per week are recommended.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Freedom of movement is key in Pilates, so wear active wear that you can exercise comfortably in. Avoid any restrictive clothing such as running shorts or oversized baggy tops. Opt for breathable fabrics to stay in cool, some sessions can get sweaty! You don’t need shoes for Pilates. We recommend wearing grip socks for all sessions.

Q: I’m recovering from an injury, can Pilates help?

A: Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise post injury. If your doctor confirms it is safe for you to exercise then yes, depending on injury type then Pilates can help you along your recovery.

Q: Can I do pilates whilst pregnant?

A: You should check with your doctor before doing any exercise during pregnancy. However, if your doctor gives you the go ahead then Pilates can be particularly suitable for pregnant women, since it is a low-impact form of exercise that strengthens your back, core and pelvic floor muscles. Exercises can be modified to make them more comfortable whilst pregnant. We would recommend private sessions so a programme can be designed to suit your individual needs.

Q: How many people can come to your sessions?

A: Maximum of 4 people per class / session.

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