Reformer Pilates Studio Liverpool

A fully equipped reformer pilates studio based in Aintree, Liverpool.

Increased muscular endurance

Increased core strength and stability

Increased flexibility

Develop a mind-body connection


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221 Warbreck Moor
Liverpool, L9 0HU

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Classes run every day from Mon to Fri
Sat & Sun – By appointment only

What is reformer pilates?

Pilates with extra oomf. The ultimate mind and body connection.

Reformer pilates caters to any ability and age. Perfect for complete beginners with limited mobility and fitness right up to advanced athletes.

Pilates is often recommended by physiotherapists as a way of recovering from injuries or helping with muscular aches, pains and imbalances.


Increased flexibility

Develops a mind-body connection

Helps with injury prevention and recovery

Burns calories




All Levels

All Levels



Get in Touch

0151 306 0295


Open Hours

Classes run every day from Monday to Friday
Sat & Sun – By appointment only

11 Pilates, Liverpool

221 Warbreck Moor, Aintree
Liverpool, L9 0AU